PaNOSC FAIR Research Data Policy framework

Published in Zenodo, 2020

Recommended citation: Gotz, Andy, Perrin, Jean-Francois, Fangohr, Hans, Salvat, Daniel, Gliksohn, Florian, Markvardsen, Anders, … Matthews, Brian. (2020). PaNOSC FAIR Research Data Policy framework (Version 1.1). Zenodo.

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This paper presents the new photon and neutron research data policy framework based on the previous PaNData policy ( applicable to all photon and neutron facilities and scientific research data in general. The data policy framework is strongly aligned with the FAIR principles. The aim of the policy is to ensure that the FAIR principles are applied in research data policies. This deliverable has been prepared by the EOSC projects PaNOSC ( and ExPaNDS ( together to ensure harmonisation of the updated data policies for the photon and neutron communities.