SciGateway & DataGateway: the portals to facilities science and facilities data


Our submission was accepted for a full talk at the Research London and South East of England workshop

The abstract of the presentation can be found here and it is also included below.

SciGateway & DataGateway: the portals to facilities science and facilities data

Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran, Louise Davies, Goel Biju, Emily Lewis, Stuart Pullinger, Catherine Jones Scientific Computing Department, Science and Technology Facilities Council

Large scale facilities, such as synchrotrons, neutron and muon sources, lasers and accelerators, generate vast amounts of data that need to be managed in an efficient way, supporting data ingestion for long-term storage and archival, as well as data analysis and data publication workflows.

In this talk, we will present our work developing SciGateway and DataGateway, which are open source components. SciGateway is a ReactJs-based parent application within a micro-front end architecture. It provides features such as authentication and authorisation functionality, notifications, and cookies management common to other applications that are access points to data and/or compute resources.

DataGateway is another ReactJs-based component in the architecture, focusing on providing data discovery and data access functionality to the data. The data is organised according to the data hierarchy that reflects the data pipelines in each facility. The data is shown in a tabular format depicting the main metadata fields.

We will discuss the software architecture as well as the agile software development process and best practices being used.