Guidelines for FAIR vocabularies


I gave a talk on Guidelines for FAIR vocabularies in the FAIR Convergence Symposium organised by CODATA and GO-FAIR.

There two sessions on the topic of “FAIR vocabularies and vocabulary services”.

As FAIR vocabularies are crucial for semantic interoperability and, in general, for FAIR data, it was an underlying topic to many other sessions of the FAIR convergence symposium.

The sessions included a varied program with diverse speakers, and discussions in breakout sessions and panels.

The discussions were around ongoing work, challenges, and requirements for further work around vocabularies and tooling.

The topics included, but were not limited to:

  • guidelines for FAIRification of vocabularies
  • examples of FAIR vocabularies such as:
    • sustainable development goals
    • hazard descriptions
    • units of measure

It was recognised that there is need for:

  • further guidelines for FAIR vocabularies
  • guidelines on how to make vocabularies reliable and sustainable
  • governance models

Across the two sessions, there were discussions on a call to action to work together cross-domain vocabularies and the aspects mentioned above.