Software Citation Checklist for Authors

Published in zenodo, 2019

Recommended citation: Chue Hong, Neil P., Allen, Alice, Gonzalez-Beltran, Alejandra, de Waard, Anita, Smith, Arfon M., Robinson, Carly, … Pollard, Tom. (2019, October 15). Software Citation Checklist for Authors (Version 0.9.0). Zenodo.

This is a pre-print available on Zenodo. It is the output of work by the FORCE11 Software Citation Implementation Working Group.


This document provides a simple, generic checklist that authors of academic work (papers, books, conference abstracts, blog posts, etc.) can use to ensure they are following good practice when referencing and citing software they have used, both created by themselves for their research as well as obtained from other sources. It may also be used and adapted by journal editors, publishers and conference chairs as the basis of more specific guidance for their contributors and reviewers.