Software Citation Checklist for Developers

Published in zenodo, 2019

Recommended citation: Chue Hong, Neil P., Allen, Alice, Gonzalez-Beltran, de Waard, Anita, Smith, Arfon M., Robinson, Carly, Jones, Catherine, Bouquin, Daina, Katz, Daniel S., Kennedy, David, Ryder, Gerry, Hausman, Jessica, Hwang, Lorraine, Jones, Matthew B., Harrison, Melissa, Crosas, Mercè, Wu, Mingfang, Löwe, Peter, Haines, Robert, … Pollard, Tom. (2019). Software Citation Checklist for Developers (0.9.0). Zenodo.

This is a pre-print available on Zenodo. It is the output of work by the FORCE11 Software Citation Implementation Working Group.


This document provides a minimal, generic checklist that developers of software (either open or closed source) used in research can use to ensure they are following good practice around software citation. This will help developers get credit for the software they create, and improve transparency, reproducibility, and reuse.